The district of Kaolinovo is situated in the northeastern part of the Ludogorie. To the north it has borders with the district of Dulovo, province Silistra, to the northeast with the district of Tervel, province of Dobrich, to the east - district of Nikola Kozlevo, province of Shumen, to the south - district of Novi Pazar and district of Hitrino - province of Shumen and to the west with the district of Venets, province of Shumen and district of Isperih, province of Razgrad.
The District of Kaolinovo covers 293 sq. km. Hills and plateaus dominate the relief in the district placed 100 - 500 m above sea level. Deeply seated artesian and karst wells can be found in the area. The relief traits as well as the presence of arable lands facilitate the development of agriculture and stock-breeding