Made in Kaolinovo - successful businesses and guilds:

The most presentable industrial plant in the Municipality is Kaolin AD. On the territory of Kaolinovo Municipality there are three mines for obtaining kaolin. The geological history of the formation of the deposits - Zhalti Dol (Saragyol) 17, 21 and Doiranci began with filling the karst cracks with quartz or with the so called carton material. Big changes in the soil over the centuries have led to the present day kaolin sands. The percentage of quartz in the quarries amounts to 81% and the basic mineral in the ore - the kaolinite is between 16,7-19,9%, the kaolin probes detecting up to 60%.

The newest mine "Kaolin AD" - pocket 21 in the village of Doiranci was opened in the summer of 2006. The investment for its building is well over 3 million levs. The capacity of the deposit itself is over 6 million tons which bodes well for the association. It means that the association could produce kaolin there for the next 25 years. The obtained kaolin is used for manufacturing sanitary and porcelain products, and the sands - for manufacturing glass and crystals.

Kaolin sands in the region of Kaolinovo began to be obtained about 100 years ago. From 1924 up to present tens of thousands meters of drilling have been conducted alongside with a number of mining developments in the area. As a result of the experiments conducted in the country there have been registered and established deposits in 6 mining sites.

The ones which have not been exploited yet will provide the production of a number of types of kaolin and quartz sands decades ahead in time. The presence of huge amounts of kaolin in the area enables Kaolin Ltd, a leading producer of manufacturing materials in Southeastern Europe to keep increasing its obtaining and manufacturing powers in a long-term period of time, which will bring substantial investments into the Municipality as well as permanent employment for over 400 people.

All other firms working in the District are in the sphere of the small and medium class business. Approximately one hundred of them are dealing in trade. As a whole, they are family companies. At this stage they are all operational. Other spheres which offer more enterprises are agriculture (7%), manufacture (7%). 18% of all firms are working in the line of providing different services.