Natural resources


Ores and minerals

The district of Kaolinovo, as the name rightfully suggests, is rich primarily in deposits of high quality kaolin (china clay). The kaolin mine as well as the refinery use a deposit located in the vicinity of the town of Kaolinovo, the village of Todor Ikonomovo and the village of Doiranci. The kaolin is transported from the mine to the refinery through a cable line and from there quartz (silicon dioxide), glass sand and enriched kaolin of the type D1, K2 and O1 is obtained. The sand produced there is of tantamount importance for the welding and glass industry. The factory has an annual production of 70 thousand tons enriched kaolin, the kaolin deposits there amounting to approximately 65 million tons. The economy of the district can easily concentrate on the production and enrichment of kaolin. The quantities of it there are sufficient as to suggest finding additional opportunities for increasing the annual yield.


The forests in the District amount to 68 000 decares, the planted trees being mainly deciduous. Up to present 4000 decares of forests have been restored. An additional 1582 decares of forests are to be restored in the near future.

The plant variety in the forests of the District includes over 40 tree species including 4 coniferous trees, over 20 shrub species and over 100 grass species.


The physical, physico-chemical and chemical properties of the soils in the region are strongly influenced by processes of erosion. Their mechanical properties are mainly sand and clay. The predominant mechanic fractions are large particles of dust. The contents of the physical clay in the surface layer is about 48%. In terms of their organic ingredients, the soils are mainly made of humus.

Flora and Fauna

The forests on the territory of the District amount to 68 000 decares, mainly made up of deciduous trees typical of the Ludogorie (the Deliorman - the English translation would be - Mad Forests) due to the abundance of broad-leaved forests in this area. The fauna in the district is diverse. There are plenty of red deer, foxes, deer as well as wild boar. One can observe here lots of birds - pheasants, falcons, hawks. This abundance of game as well as the presence of game-breeding stations in Novi Pazar and Palamara, District of Venets pose a real advantage in the development of hunting, village and eco-tourism.