The Municipality of Kaolinovo belongs to the agricultural regions in the country. Agriculture, therefore, is a structure defining field of work in the local economy. The considerable soil resources - 70% of the entire territory of the Municipality and the favorable climactic conditions there make agriculture an essential source of income for the local people. The arable land in the area is 205 600 decares according to data received in 2004. On the average that means that a resident in the District has about 9.64 decares per capita. This exceeds by far the mean value for the country. There are 18 towns and villages in the area.

Livestock breeding.

Stockbreeding is relatively well developed in the district. Agriculture, however, takes the upper hand by comparison. It is concentrated mainly around the raising of sheep and cattle in the private sector.

A priority in stockbreeding is the production of cow and sheep milk.

Raising cows for milk is very promising in view of the traditions in this branch of stockbreeding.