Customs and traditions in the Municipality of Kaolinovo:

After the project team's visit to Kaolinovo, it was established that the municipality is enjoying an extreme ethnic tolerance between the Turkish, Bulgarian and Rome population. After we took interviews from local people, they all confirmed that there has never been any ethnic feuds or conflicts there. Moreover, all Bulgarians, Turks and Romes there have always been together in work and celebration as the locals put it. Another striking element of ethnic tolerance in the Municipality are the very well developed intercultural connections there. Around 80% of the population in the Municipality are ethnic Turks. They all speak Bulgarian very well. The Bulgarians, in turn, speak Turkish very well thus making the entire population of the Municipality fully bilingual, which is another proof of the active interactions and interrelations between the Bulgarians and the Turks there. It is of particular interest to note the way the locals celebrate their marriages there. Whenever there is a wedding almost everyone is invited, which means that each wedding is attended by a minimum of 1500 people with the active participation of all people from all ethnic groups. They all give a monetary present to the newly weds thus giving the young couple a very good start in life. At Rome weddings this common customs for all ethnic groups there obliges all guests to give the young couple a minimum 1000 levs. These monetary presents are often the only money the people have but they give them with all their hearts because they know that they can rely on the same sort of financial assistance for a start in life when their turn comes to start a family.

The impressive ethnic tolerance of all people in the Municipality, the strong assistance they give each other as well as the great hospitality of all people there make the District a desirable destination for repose for Bulgarians and foreigners alike, a model for ethnic coexistence within Bulgaria and united Europe.